About Us

Life Cleaners is currently owned and operated by Ross Bodin, the third generation of the Bodin family to run Life Cleaners.

My grandfather, Paul (or Pop Up to the kids), along with my grandmother (Monner), started Glenwood Laundry in Yonkers, NY. They had very little money to start this business. He got all his shelving and fixtures from a shoe store that had gone out of business in the Getty Square area of Yonkers. His teacher at night school had connections with NY Telephone and Con Edison, so that he got these services turned on without deposits. He sent all his work to a large cleaner in Yonkers called Yonkers Perfect Laundry. Paul did some repair work at Yonkers Perfect Laundry to help pay off his bills. One of the partners took a liking to my grandfather and convinced him to buy out the other partner. After a few years, and the passing of his partner, my grandfather became the sole proprietor of Yonkers Perfect Laundry. In 1963 Yonkers Perfect Laundry burned to the ground. As my grandfather stood over the ashes, his friend Father Anthony Pucci stated to him,” From these ashes will come Life.” In 1964, Life Cleaners was built on the old site of Yonkers Perfect Laundry. My father, Murray, joined the company in the 1960’s and ran it for 30 years. I purchased the company over 15 years ago and have been running it since.

In 2003, Life Cleaners added a corporate division called Blue Chip Cleaners. Blue Chip Cleaners operates stores inside of corporations, and also offers pick up and delivery at a customers’ place of work.

Many of my employees have worked with the Bodin family for over 40 years. Both my dry cleaning and shirt laundry managers have celebrated over 40 years with the company.

Linda and Ross Bodin
The Bodin Family
Nicole and Samantha Bodin